Wednesday, October 27, 2010

genuine love

Autumn again. Cold breeze, cloudy skies, crisp mornings. First frost hit two days ago. As I got home I remembered my tomatoes and peppers. Spent most of my summer adoring my mothers day garden that put together by my sweet 7 year old and Frank, my adorable husband. Every evening after work I would sit next to honey dews, peppers and my 4 foot tall tomatoes and herbs to have my glass of wine and a cigarette, my favorite time of the day.. now it is mostly gone, gave in to the harsh frost ,  I have mourned for loved ones, my pets, unfortunate ones around the globe, but frankly, I have never mourned plants before... oddly enough as I picked green un ripened tomatoes, I felt like crying, kissing lifeless branches of my tall plants and feeling really sorry for summer lost, and my friends gone. I felt silly for feeling this way but I did. It was genuine love that I felt for my tomatoes, they were beautiful, feed us with their sweetness, made my friends smile as late summer gifts. I must be getting real softy as I get older, but , I like my older self, I like how genuine the love I feel as I get older for my plants, for my boys, for the whole world.  

Friday, October 22, 2010

It is raining today, which is a novelty here, it is the desert after all. It could be said that feels gloomy with gray skies, but I don't feel gloomy. I am yearning for snow to come down and leaves to fall, to get ready for the spring time. To my amazement, I do like winter as I grow older, I am looking forward to going home and starting my wood burning stove. Life is good, and I am blessed.