Wednesday, November 3, 2010

not having the right rug..

I am not having a good day today. It's been very odd to feel this rotten all day, and event after event turning out worse than one before. loosing sales, because of buyers cats! not finding the right merchandise drives me off the walls for people who have cats that destroy rugs. Having the ethical dilemma of telling prospect buyers that, what I have is not the right merchandise, for them verses needing the money that I could have made, ended with my morality weighing much heavier than wanting the money. some may say that I've made a bad business decision, but I could not live with myself if clients had their rug destroyed in few months.. which should last at least 50-75 years in the absence of cats who wants to destroy it. I am going to find the rightly constructed item for them, I know I won't be making one fifth of the profit that I could have, but somethings are priceless. I know I will sleep better tonight, despite the stomach ache that I had all day trying to figure it out. I wanted to kill the cats, but I love cats, I wanted to sell the rug , I own it, it looks great in the house, it is the rug for the job, but I respect the rug, I respect my clients, and I respect myself.. so no sale, I am working still on the computer and trying to get the right rug with the similar colouring.. what a day...I will be very happy when I close my eyes and let this day go tonight....
if you are wondering, yes it is the rug (large one on the wall ) conspired all this, morality, loss, stomach upset ect.